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Feb. 24th, 2030 11:33 pm
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Character: Calleo Crowe
Canon: Original
Player: Lan
Game: [livejournal.com profile] mayfield_rpg

Feel free to contact me for plotting/crit/etc., here or at:

AIM: Ocular Doomsday
Plurk: Hellglass

Current regains:
- lockpick set
- pocketwatch
- photograph of friends from home
- 2010 wardrobe (The expensive stuff.
Includes mostly European soccer jerseys, jeans, dress shirts,
ties, and designer tailored suits he'll never have cause to wear.)
- small collection of books (classic literature)
- 2009 Ducati 1198 Superbike
- iPhone
- earbud headphones
- St. Christopher's medal
- mug shot
- first soccer ball

Crowe possess Mayfield notes from the following now-dropped characters
- Aaron Taylor
- Germany
- Dist (pamphlet)


Jan. 1st, 2012 09:31 pm
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[Phone call filtered from drones]

Ah, happy "new" year, Mayfield. I-I'm glad I'm back to being myself, o-or more like everyone recognize that I'm me again. Did anyone catch that radio broadcast? It was on late. I-I was wondering if anyone else could make out what was said at the end, there, or what you thought about it.

Speaking of the new year, my birthday is coming up near the end o-of the month. I'll be 18. How many people here have turned 18 while here, and have woken up as an "adult" soon after? I've been wondering if that's what will happen to me.

Um. I've done a lot of baking during that whole, um, previous incident. I really didn't have much else to do... So if anyone's interested in coming over to my place and having some, feel free too.

[This is Crowe-speak for "I'm lonely, please come hang out with me." Anyone is welcome to stop by his house, where he'll be readying tea and cookie for visitors.

Later, Crowe will be found at his usual haunt, the rec center. Today he'll be borrowing the gymnastic balance beams. He's no gymnast, but he's got great balance and speed. He'll be running up and down the beam, going frontwards, backwards and sideways, trying to go as fast as he can without falling off. He does pretty well but he does have the occasional slip up or fall to the mats. Care to pop over?]

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Dream preamble )

[Action A, household and Williams Street

Crowe watches the news bulletin, and is concerned. Maybe that wasn't just a dream. But he was still here. Was this going to be like last Christmas? Was he going to be trapped in an illusion while everyone else wasn't? Crowe immediately runs off to find his non-droned housemates, and out onto the streets to talk to any neighbors or people passing by.]

Did you see that news report?

[Action B, high school and later downtown

The reactions he's getting are hostile and cold, people calling him a fake. It was confusing, hurtful, obviously another one of Mayfield's mind games. But he's not the only one getting this reaction, so he can see in school and out on the streets. Crowe's investigative intuition takes over as he tries to force down the panic. He'll be approaching other people who are getting the hostile reaction to being "fake".]

Hey... Can I ask you something?

[Action C, the porch of 1247 Williams, at night

It may be cold, but Crowe's sitting out on the porch, a candle lit on a small tablet next to him. He's writing a letter. Maybe he can't get through to people, but this may work. He;s working on two different ones - one to his his friends, and one to Silence. Feel free to approach or accost him, though.]


Nov. 26th, 2011 07:35 pm
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[Action A, 846 Goldberg: Crowe wakes up in a shocked state, crawling out of the rubble and surveying the scene. He's horror-stricken for what seems like forever, when he snaps out of it and starts calling for the names of his friends. He immedaitely begins to start digging if he can't find them. After all, if Silence is trapped somewhere, he can't call out. If he doesn't find him or Lucas fast enough, anyone else who comes across him will find him in a panic as he tears through the remains, and he won't stop until he finds them.]


Action B, 1251 Williams: Later, Crowe will head to his assigned home to check the damage there. It's no less encouraging. All he's managed to find were the bodies of his droned housemates. He managed to pull out on of the books he was sent from home, charred but mostly intact, and sits outside on the remains of the sidewalk, looking as devestated as the city.]


[Action C, around town: Like a lot of people, Crowe is gathering supplies and provisions wherever he's able to find them, though things don't look too positive. He's also looking for anyone he knows, or anyone that might need help. His ultimate goal is to gather up enough materials and head to the highway, to see what it has to offer as far as a way out. Although, with this being a nuclear wasteland, he's not confident that he or the others in town will live long enough for it to matter...]


Nov. 14th, 2011 12:20 pm
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[Phone call filtered from NPCs]

U-Um. If anyone here knew Hol Horse, ah... He's droned now, and I think for good. His things are gone. It's sort of funny, you know... Um, funny in that weird way. He was talking to me the other day cryptically, about how if he was gone. And now this. It's unsettling.

At any rate, I was wondering how many other people in town had motorcycles, or something like it. Would anyone be interested in a race? I thought it might be fun. We can set up something on the highway.

[Call filtered to 846 Goldberg] )

[Call filtered to Ruri Hoshino] )


Oct. 24th, 2011 06:14 pm
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[Phone call filtered from drones/NPCs:]

Ah, Halloween is coming up soon, as most of you know by now. Monday, to be precise. Is anyone planning on having a costume party? I would recommend doing it before Halloween. The, um, strange things in Mayfield have a tendency to happen on holidays, though not always. Last year, it was a few days after Halloween...

I suppose this means I should think of some costume ideas. I-I'm not very good at this sort of thing, though.


Action: The trees in town have turned lovely colors now, so Crowe's out to get some photos. If you're a the park, there will be a kid out with a 50s camera taking a lot of snap shots. He may approach you and ask if he can take a photo, as well, especially if he doesn't know you. He claims it's for a project of his - you're free to think what you want about that, but he seems honest enough.


Oct. 8th, 2011 05:42 pm
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[Phone call, filtered from NPCs:]

Homecoming, eh? Amazing how fast the summer goes in this town... This was my second one here, too.

Ah, right. The purpose of this call. Um... does anyone out there teach piano? Outside of school, I mean. I-I think I need... tutoring I guess. Um, I don't know what I could offer in return. Maybe chores or something? Let me know.


[Action 1: Crowe is in the park, kicking a soccer ball around. There wasn't a whole lot of interest in blitzball, sadly, but he figured there would be more footballers around. Right now he's trying to juggle the ball with his knees, feet, shoulder and head. He's pretty good at it, having been practicing since he was a small child. Care to join or bug him?]

Action 2, locked to 846 Goldberg )


Sep. 27th, 2011 12:13 am
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[A) Crowe is out for a walk today, looking exhausted as he sometimes does. Nightmares have been back after the zombie incident, so he hasn't been sleeping well. He yawns as he casually tosses papers to people's houses... but they're not going where they should be. They might be heading through your window, into the garden or right for your head. Oops.

B) After he's done doing his paper deliveries after school, Crowe will be out to check on all of his friends to make sure they're doing alright. Feel free to say he's stopping by your house, or that he meets you somewhere in town. Also, he'll be stopping by 846 Goldberg St. to see his two friends who live there, carrying a bag with him. Crowe's not much of a cook, but he's brought some dinner by! Knock knock.


C) Phone call, filtered from drones:]

Ah, h-hi everyone. I hope you're all recovering well after... all that. Um. Anyway. I was wondering... awhile ago, we used to play this crazy sport called Blitzball. Think of it as something like underwater rugby. It takes a lot of work, but it's really fun. W-We used to have a coach and a team for it, but they're pretty much all gone now... But, um, if anyone's interested, I'll teach you how to play. I don't know if we'll get enough for two teams, a-and we don't have the veteran coach and the proper ball, but I'm willing to try. If anyone's interested, maybe we can meet this weekend at the high school's indoor pool. Let me know.


Sep. 19th, 2011 05:20 pm
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locked action )

Stalking through the streets now is Crowe, leading along an injured Silence by the hand. Crowe is holding out a pistol, and looks frightened, tired and panicky. Silence, most notably, is missing an arm. Crowe will stop to shoot any of the zombies that come their way in the head without hesitation, but his aim isn't the greatest right now. Crowe's trying to get him to the hospital or church, whatever he can get to first. Any other zombie fighters out there care to help? Any zombies looking for another snack?

[[OOC - replies will come from both Crowe and Silence in this post!]]


Aug. 31st, 2011 10:10 pm
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[Action 1: Coming across a droned Kay Faraday while on his paper route was startling to Crowe. It practically gave him chills. Immediately excusing himself from her, he made his way over to her house. There would be an easy way to tell if it was permanent, and that would be her belongings. One look through the living room window would confirm the worst - her big flat screen TV was gone.

Just to make sure, the young thief quickly snuck his way around the back and up to Kay's room while she was still out. Sure enough, her Little Thief computer was gone too. Heartbroken, Crowe collects his former friend's notes she had on their investigative work, and slipped back out, hopefully unnoticed by her housemates.]


[Phone call filtered from drones/NPCs. Crowe sounds distracted.]

Ah. Everyone might here the drones whispering about the bowling alley. O-Or I think for some, maybe the hotel or a camping trip? Last year it was Makeout Point... A-Anyway, sometime soon we're all going to be stuck somewhere for a few hours. Nothing bad should happen if it's like last time, but you never know what Mayfield will do. Last year we all were, um, paired up in cars for several hours. Ah, the teens I mean. The adults were in the hotel and the kids were at camp, I believe. So. Um. Just to warn you all.

Uh, also, if anyone knows Kay Faraday, she... she's gone now. For good. I thought I'd just. Let people know.

[There's a moment of silence before he hangs up.]


[Action 2: Oh look, a package for Crowe! Standing at the mailbox, Crowe opens it up, wondering what he has left for the town to send him. Inside is a small, well-worn soccer ball, obviously meant for young child. He gives it a fond smile, turning it over in his hands. His first name is scrawled on it in childish handwriting.]


[Action 3: Later, Crowe can be found at the diner, sitting in a corner booth by himself with a milkshake. What else would his old BFF do in this situation by cure it with ice cream?

It doesn't seem to be working though. He's barely touched it, opting to sit there with his headphones in, drowning the world out.]


Aug. 8th, 2011 07:10 pm
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[ACTION: Are you new in town? Wandering around looking lost? Staring and gawking at the drones and identical houses with a growing look of dread across your face?

If so, a tall teenager will shyly approach you. He's carrying a newspaper bag, but instead of the daily news, there are pamphlets poking out. He has a quiet voice and a light Irish accent.]

Ah, um, excuse me. Couldn't help but notice that you, um, seem to be feeling your out of place. I can explain, if you's like.




N-No one's seriously considering the position of police chief, right? It's so suspicious... what if you get droned into the role, like Grad-- er, Evan Olney probably was?


Jul. 24th, 2011 10:54 pm
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After last week's truthful phone call, Crowe's daring to venture outside again. He really hates wasting the nice summer weather, after all. So it's time to get back to life as usual in Mayfield. As usual as it ever gets, anyway.

A) How does Crowe vent frustration? SPORTS! Well, in this case, martial arts practice. Crowe's been training religiously in Mayfield in his long stint here, and has had a few different trainers. Today, he'll be teaching the boxing equipment a lesson it'll never forget, complete with some yelling as he throws some punches and kicks. Who knew Crowe had it in him? That meek personality hides a fierce fighter underneath. He tries to go to the rec center just as it opens, hoping there will be less people for him to bother with all the noise. But there's bound to be some other early birds there, right? Maybe some who want to see what's going on, or maybe even spar.

B) Later that day, exhausted from his workout, Crowe heads to his usual hangout, the park. He's working at a picnic table in the shade, and in front of him lies his dozens of newly-developed photos. Crowe takes pictures of all non-droned people in town, and has been doing so for months. He's looking through the new ones, pictures spread out on the table that anyone passing by could see. You might be in there, or someone you know. He has his old albums there with him too, and is sorting them all away. His iPhone is sitting on the bench next to him, quietly playing music. Some of the older ones he flips through, looking over the ones of his now droned friends sadly. Once in awhile, a breeze picks a photo or two up, and he has to chase after. Maybe it blows your way?

Tucked away in one of the albums is also a piece of paper that you might find him looking over. Ciel gave it to him months ago, and he's still trying to figure out what it could mean.

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[Crowe's hit stage four, though like most, he doesn't realize this. He's frustrated beyond belief with this little event, and makes a call that starts out as some venting with innocent enough intentions. He's been telling people all the bad things about himself, and learning things about his friends in town he isn't sure how to deal with. Surely, not everyone in town is a murderer or something, right? There has to be other things we can all confess that aren't as harmful. Unfortunately, he starts to fly off the handle thanks to the effect.

What comes over the phone is pretty much one long run-on string of nonsense.]

L-Look, Mayfield, n-not everyone in town can h-have such terrible things to admit, r-right? I'm so sick of all this! I know we all want to admit things, s-so why don't we just pick stupid things? L-Like things that any people might be hiding, n-not stuff like murder a-and death and...

W-Well, like... Like how our drone mother's cooking was a-actually really bad but I felt bad telling her. Plus I'm not very good at cooking anyway. O-Or how I am failing art class both back home and in Mayfield because I-I can't draw to save my life! I-I also really hate clothes shopping. M-My friend Minnie always said I was a boring dresser, but I don't care. A-Also once right after I got here, I stole a bunch of wallets from people j-just to see who was paying attention and who wasn't. B-But I don't want to do stuff like that! I don't think. I-I'm really good at it but I think I want to be a-a detective, but my parents won't approve. Criminals w-won't want a detective for a son! My dad wants me to b-be a thief with them o-or be a pro footballer, but I-I don't think I'd be good at that. I've never been in a league before! S-Sometimes, when I get really mad, I-I curse in Italian, but I can't help it, i-it just happens. I-I think Silence i-is one the most gorgeous guy I have ever seen, t-to the point where I don't even know h-how to talk to him! A-All the nations a-are really cute too, b-but I thought about it, a-and that makes sense, I-I mean i-it would be hard to have pride i-in your nation if they had l-like buck teeth or something! A-And I always thought Norway w-was the cutest and that reminds me, I-I am g-getting really sick of everyone I know getting droned a-and coming back forgetting who I a-am! Also h-have I told a-any of you how much I stammer wh-when I'm nervous and how bloody sick of that I am--

[There's a horrified squeaking noise heard from Crowe, and the phone is abruptly hung up.]

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[Crowe pulled out the phone from the wall to keep him from spilling his secrets like the rest of the town. He was *full* of them, and he doesn't want them getting out, thanks.

And yet, he wanted to tell someone. He needed to talk to someone. So many people have told him he keeps things too bottled up, that he should talk about his problems...

No! He can't. He just can't. Something weird was going on. Hol got on the phone and told everyone he was a communist. It didn't make sense.

Housemates will find Crowe pacing about his room, a familiar worried expression on his face. He'll get stir-crazy after a bit, and head outside. But instead if usual warm greetings, Crowe will be trying to avoid everyone. Of curse, that won't stop people from trying to approach him, and he's too polite to turn anyone away harshly...

For the rest of the day, he'll be hiding high up in a tree at the park. And there he will stay for as long as he can.]


Jul. 10th, 2011 05:47 pm
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[Recovering from the Independence Day incident wasn't easy. Crowe still had nightmares the last few days that, while fading now, were hard to shake. That feeling of being two people in one was unsettling, not knowing which was right.

At least his room has a lot of reminders of which Calleo was the right one. All his things from home, all the photos he's taken with is friends in Mayfield. Those notes from Lucas. That goofy hat Kay and Adolph found in the western town. The pendant from Norway. His extensive journal chronicling his time here, all the horrid events Mayfield has put him through. A journal he is now writing in, filling in the details of July Fourth, and the body of Jane Smith, also known as Samantha Achewood.

Once he's done, he'll place a call to the town. Filtered from the usual NPCs:]

Hi everyone. Um. I-I know it's been a difficult week, but we need to try to understand what happened. I think... I-I was wondering, maybe we should have some sort of town meeting? I know we have the pamphlets, but I think it would be good to get everyone together to discuss things that have happened in this town. Get everyone up to speed, let them know what we're dealing with, answer questions, share information... We're all in this together, right? Whether you want to go home or not, I-I think we can all agree that, at the very least, we'd like to get to the bottom of this place so that, um, e-even if we can't go home, we really can make this a decent place to live.


[Later, Crowe's out and about with his camera. He hasn't taken it up in awhile, and with this great summer weather, the town is crawling with people. He wants to clear his head, and take some fun pictures for the collection. His mission: to record the non-droned people in this town. He keeps a large photo album with names with people's names. It's a nice record of the people as they should be, before Mayfield brainwashes them. You might find him trying to snap some candid photos. Care to pose, or are you photo-shy? Crowe's a good climber, so you also might find him sitting in high tree branches, on your rooftop, at the peak of Makeout Point - anywhere he can get a cool shot. Come bug him!]


Jul. 7th, 2011 04:24 pm
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[Call filtered to Kay Faraday Zidane Tribal and Chizuko Mikamo]

Kay, Zidane, Chizuko... We need to talk. Can you meet me at Makeout Point this afternoon?


[Crowe will be waiting for both of them up there. During the day, the point was mostly empty, and would hopefully give them a private place to plan. Crowe's had enough inaction and self-pity these last few months. It's time to get back to work.]

I'm hoping you will all work with me here. I want to get into the Dairy. I want to see if what had happened during that April Fool's mess has any truth to it. If there is, there might be a way to stop some of this. Would you all be willing to work with me on this? I want to do this before school is back in session.

[[Post order - Zidane > Kay > Chizuko > Crowe?]]
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1) Early this morning, Crowe is merrily delivering your newspapers! Maybe that's not all that strange - he has been a neighborhood paperboy for the last 16 months straight - but he's doing it with an unusual skip in his step, whistling a merry song. If he sees you, he'll give a friendly wave and say hi.

"'Morning, neighbor! This holiday is shaping up to be the best Fourth of July yet, don't you think?"

The creepiest thing drone!Crowe does is speak with an American accent, instead of his usual Irish one. Because he was born and raised in this perfect little place, after all!

2) Finished his route, Crowe stands in front of his house looking confused and almost on the edge of panic. He's been in Mayfield a long time and has only been droned once or twice, and it wasn't like this. He looks back to the house and around his neighborhood, holding his head, wondering what just happened.


3) By mid-day, Crowe's brain has been tearing itself in two between its personalities. It's so jarring that it's making him feel disoriented and ill. Housemates or visitors will find him going about his chores in a perky fashion (there's so much to do for the picnicking today, right?), only to drop whatever he might be holding, or stumble and grab the wall as the memories hit him like a sack of hammers. No! Holidays in Mayfield are terrible and he shouldn't be happy about it! This isn't right! Anyone passing by might find him outside, sitting on the half-finished yard next to the lawnmower, with his arms wrapped around his head. It hurt to think. since as soon as be convinced himself that he lived here and liked it, or that this wasn't where he is from at all, the opposite memories swallow him up.

[[OoC - I didn't know if the changes would be so severe or not, if it's not OK let me know, mods.]]


Jun. 19th, 2011 12:54 pm
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Crowe assumes he had a lovely time at the party on Friday at Makeout Point. He doesn't remember most of it, nor how he got home, but that is the sign of a good party. He also woke up laying in his front yard, and spent the rest of Saturday hiding in his room nursing his very first hangover, and the leg he injured last week. Urgh.

On Sunday, he'll be back on his feet, mostly. He got a very nasty case of roadrash after having to bail from his motorcycle last week, and he was still healing up from that. Crowe has errands he wants to do, trying to dodge all the girls in town. He doesn't want to order anyone around, and he wants to keep himself busy. He's been in Mayfield a long time, and Crowe still really misses his family. Holidays like this only make it worse.

But you ladies want to help him, don't you?

Today Crowe will be:
1) Stopping at the hardware store and the mechanic's garage, buying supplies to fix his bike. It's only body damage, thankfully, but it's going to need to be sanded and repainted.

2) At the flower store, getting supplies for his tiny garden.

3) At the park, reading. He can't do much in the way of climbing or sports until his leg is better, so he'll just relax for now. Hopefully.


Jun. 15th, 2011 01:50 pm
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[1] It's not a fun day to wake up and find two of your housemates droned. Crowe leaves the house, not wanting to deal with them, only to find out later that 3 of his friends - Aaron, Kakyoin and Flay - are also droned.

To add insult to injury, he finds something in the mailbox with his name on it. It's a small manila envelope. There is only a photo inside, and he stares at it for a long while. It's a mugshot of him when he was 15, when he was caught trying to burglarize a museum in Italy. Considering his infamous last name in the crime world of his homeland, he was quickly booked and thrown in jail until his uncle helped get him out and cleared his name.

To anyone who approaches him, his expression is completely unreadable, blank. Crowe wasn't quite sure what Mayfield was trying to tell him with this one.


[2] Later, there's a motorcycle zipping through town at an unsafe speed. To anyone who knows Crowe, the bike is recognizable. To anyone else, the helmet covers his telltale hair color, and the sunglasses might make it harder to tell who's driving. But you better look out if you're crossing the street, or waiting in your car at that intersection - there's a Ducati coming up fast. A bit later, he'll be driving on the highway, looping through over and over and over again, getting as much speed as he can handle.

Eventually, he runs out of gas, and he simply hops off the bike and walks it back into town, towards home. Approach?


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